VMware provides pre-defined System Properties to configure VMware Edge Network Intelligence feature in the SD-WAN Orchestrator portal. An Operator Super user can add or modify the values of the system properties to enable the Analytics service in a SD-WAN Orchestrator.

The following table describes all the VMware Edge Network Intelligence-related system properties.

System Property Description Value
session.options.enableEdgeAnalytics Enable the Analytics service on a SD-WAN Orchestrator. By default, Analytics is enabled for Cloud-hosted Orchestrators.
Note: For On-prem Orchestrators, this system property is set to false by default. Ensure to change the value to true if you want to enable the Edge Network Intelligence feature.
service.analytics.apiURL URL of the Analytics API. https://integration.nyansa.com/vco/api/v0/graphql
service.analytics.apiToken API token of the Analytics API. The SD-WAN Orchestrator uses the API URL and token to contact the Cloud Analytics Engine and create new customers/SD-WAN Edges in the Analytics Engine. For getting the API token, the Operator user should contact the Support Provider. For information on how to contact the Support Provider, see https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/53907 and https://www.vmware.com/support/contacts/us_support.html.
service.analytics.configEndpoint Configuration endpoint of Analytics service. config.nyansa.com
service.analytics.analyticsEndpointStatic Static IP analytics endpoint of Analytics service. loupe-m2.nyansa.com
service.analytics.analyticsEndpointDynamic Dynamic IP analytics endpoint of Analytics service. loupe-m.nyansa.com