If a Gateway is configured as a Partner Gateway with static routing, and the ICMP responder is configured to track the reachability of those routes, a debug.py command is provided to indicate the UP or DOWN states, as follows:

vcadmin@vcg1-example:~$ sudo /opt/vc/bin/debug.py --icmp_monitor
  "icmpProbe": {
    "cTag": 0, 
    "destinationIp": "", 
    "enabled": false, 
    "frequencySeconds": 0, 
    "probeFail": 0, 
    "probeType": "NONE", 
    "probesSent": 0, 
    "respRcvd": 0, 
    "sTag": 0, 
    "state": "DOWN", 
    "stateDown": 0, 
    "stateUp": 0, 
    "threshold": 0
  "icmpResponder": {
    "enabled": false, 
    "ipAddress": "", 
    "mode": "CONDITIONAL", 
    "reqRcvd": 0, 
    "respSent": 0, 
    "state": "DOWN"

When the ICMP responder is enabled, the DOWN state means that there are no Edges connected to the Gateway.