While handoff queues are the ideal way to monitor from a capacity perspective, it may be useful and/or interesting to monitor the throughput as well.

For many providers, the monitoring of throughput is done on the Hypervisor and is outside the scope of the Gateway.

For providers who want to monitor on the Gateway, the following example illustrates how to get the RX and TX byte counts, to make delta calculations over a period to measure the throughput.

Note: By default, DPDK is enabled.
vcadmin@vcg34-1:~$ sudo /opt/vc/bin/getcntr -c dpdk_eth0_pstat_ibytes -d vcgw.com
vcadmin@vcg34-1:~$ sudo /opt/vc/bin/getcntr -c dpdk_eth0_pstat_obytes -d vcgw.com
vcadmin@vcg34-1:~$ sudo /opt/vc/bin/getcntr -c dpdk_eth1_pstat_ibytes -d vcgw.com
vcadmin@vcg34-1:~$ sudo /opt/vc/bin/getcntr -c dpdk_eth1_pstat_obytes -d vcgw.com

The actual throughput capacity might vary based on the number of connected Edges, encryption mix, and average packet size. The handoff queues provide a clear picture of the Gateway performance relative to its capacity.