The number of flows supported by a Gateway is determined by the system memory. There is a log that reflects the number of flows during startup.

The following example shows the log of maximum supported flows:

ERROR  [MAIN] gwd_get_max_flow_supported:35 Flow Admission: GWD 
Max flow supported: 1929780 soft limit:1157820 hard limit:1736730

If logs have rolled over, use the following table as reference:

Gateway Memory(GB) Max Number of Flows Critical Number of Flows(90% of max flows)
4 245760 221184
8 491520 442368
16 983040 884736
32 1966080 1769472

If flow limits reach a critical limit the system should be investigated for a possible flow leak.

Current flow objects in the system are as follows:

vcadmin@vcg1-example:~$ sudo /opt/vc/bin/getcntr -c memb.mod_mp_flow_t.obj_cnt -d

If the flows are determined to be invalid, a diagnostic bundle should be generated before restarting the Gateway service to clear the stale flows. If the flows are determined to be valid, then the customers should be moved to alternate Gateways to reduce the flow count.