You can modify an Operator profile to update the profile settings.

In the Operator portal, click Operator Profiles.

Click the link to a profile, or select the profile and click Actions > Modify Profile.

The existing settings of the selected profile are displayed, and you can configure the following:

Profile Settings

If required, you can modify the Name and Description of the selected profile.

Management Settings

The IP address of the SD-WAN Orchestrator is displayed. You can configure the following management intervals:
  • Heartbeat Interval – The time interval between the heartbeat messages sent from the SD-WAN Orchestrator to SD-WAN Edges. The default value is 30 seconds and minimum interval must 10 seconds. If an SD-WAN Edge does not receive two heartbeats continuously, then the SD-WAN Edge is marked as Down.
    Note: When you modify the heartbeat interval, make sure to update the SD-WAN Edge Offline Alert Notification Delay time accordingly, to avoid sending unnecessary alerts.
  • Timeslice Interval – The time interval over which the monitoring data is collected for a flow.
  • Stats Upload Interval – The time interval for uploading the monitoring data. All the data for each Timeslice are collected during the Stats Upload Interval and then uploaded.

SD-WAN Gateway Selection

By default, the SD-WAN Gateway selection is Dynamic and the VMware SD-WAN Gateways are chosen dynamically from the SD-WAN Gateway Pool. Ensure that the SD-WAN Gateway Pool consists of at least two VMware SD-WAN Gateways, for the SD-WAN Gateway selection to be efficient. For more information on SD-WAN Gateway Pools, see Manage Gateway Pools and Gateways.

Select the checkbox to make the SD-WAN Gateway selection as Static. For the Static SD-WAN Gateway selection, you must specify the Primary SD-WAN Gateway. You can also enter an optional Secondary SD-WAN Gateway.

Note: Use the Static SD-WAN Gateway Selection only for testing or debugging purposes. You must not use this option for SD-WAN Edge-to- SD-WAN Edge VPN or Partner handoff configurations.

Application Map Assignment

By default, the initial Application Map is assigned to the Operator Profile. You can choose a different Application Map available in the drop-down list. See Also Application Maps.

Software Version

You can choose to push the latest Software Image to the SD-WAN Edges. By default, no updates are applied to the devices. Select the checkbox and choose the Software Image from the Version drop-down list. For more information on the Software Images, see Software Images.

Select the Update Duration checkbox and enter the duration time in minutes. When you enable this option, the SD-WAN Orchestrator updates all the devices associated with the Enterprise customer within the specified time duration.

After updating the above settings, click Save Changes.