You can enable or disable the capabilities for a selected customer:

In the Operator portal, navigate to Manage Customers.

Select a customer and click Actions > Modify or click the link to the customer.

In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Customers.

In the Customer Configuration page, select to enable or disable the Customer Capabilities:

Note: To enable Customer Capabilities, any System Properties associated with them must be assigned a True value. For more information, see System Properties.
  • Enable Enterprise Auth – By default, only the Operator can enable or disable two-factor authentication for an enterprise. When you enable this capability, the Enterprise Admins can configure the two-factor authentication on their own.
  • Enable Firewall logging to Orchestrator – Allows an enterprise user to enable or disable logging the Firewall information to the Orchestrator, at the Profile level and Edge level. When Firewall logging is enabled, you can monitor the Firewall logs in the Enterprise portal.
  • Enable Legacy Networks – Allows an enterprise to use legacy networks. You cannot enable this option if you are using a segment-based Operator profile.
  • Enable Premium Service – Allows to utilize the premium services.
  • Enable Role Customization – Allows to enable or disable an Enterprise super user to customize the role privileges for other Enterprise users.
  • Enable Segmentation – Allows to configure segments.
  • Enable Stateful Firewall – Allows an enterprise user to enable or disable the Stateful Firewall feature at the profile and edge level.
  • Show Configuration section in the New Orchestrator UI – Enables the Enterprise Customer to use the Configure tab in the New Orchestrator UI. You must also set the value of system property session.options.showConfigurationInNewUI as True, to access the Configure tab in the New Orchestrator UI.
    Note: The Configuration section in the New Orchestrator UI is available as Beta. It is recommended to turn this feature on in a Lab environment to familiarize yourself with the new UI, as the UI migration is in progress.
  • Delegate Management To Customer – The following options are always visible to customers. When you enable these options, customers can modify the settings.
    • CoS Mapping
    • Service Rate Limiting
Note: The Enable Premium Service, Enable Segmentation and Enable Stateful Firewall are enabled by default.

After choosing the capabilities, click Save Changes.