An Operator Profile is used to specify the network settings managed by SD-WAN Orchestrator. When you create a Customer or Partner, you can assign an Operator profile to them.

In the Operator portal, click Operator Profiles. The Operator Profiles page displays the available profiles.
Note: The Operator Profiles that contain a deprecated image is flagged to notify the user that the software version of the profile contains a deprecated software image.

As an Operator user, you can create a new Operator profile, duplicate an existing profile, modify or remove or delete a profile using the Actions button at the right-hand top corner of the Operator Profiles page as follows:

  • New Profile – Creates a new Operator profile. See Create New Profile.
  • Duplicate Profile – Creates a copy of the selected Operator profile. See Duplicate Operator Profile.
  • Modify Profile – Enables to update the network settings in the selected Operator Profile. See Modify Operator Profile.
  • Remove Profile - Removes a selected Operator profile from all associated partners and customers.
  • Delete Profile – Deletes the selected profiles.
    Note: You cannot delete a profile that has already been assigned to a Customer or Partner.
To update the Operator Profile that has a deprecated image with another software image, click the link to that Operator Profile name. The selected Operator Profile page appears.
Under Software Version, from the Version drop-down menu select the software image and click Save Changes.
Note: The Version drop-down menu displays the software images that are deprecated with a flag, but you will not be able to select the deprecated images.

For the selected profile, the usage information such as number of customers using the profile and software version used by the profile appears at the left-hand bottom of the page.

Click Reapply to force re-update of the selected software image for the edges associated with the selected Operator Profile.

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