Operator Super Users can create new operator users.

In the Operator portal, click Operator Users.


  1. You can create new operator users by clicking either New Operator, or Actions > New Operator.
  2. In the New Operator Account window, enter the following details:
    1. Enter the user details like username, password, Name, Email, and Phone numbers.
    2. If you have chosen the authentication mode as Native in Orchestrator Authentication, then the type of the user is selected as Native. If you have chosen a different authentication mode, you can choose the type of the user. If you choose the user to be Non-Native, the password option is not available, as it is inherited from the authentication mode.
    3. Select the user role from the Account Role drop-down list. Once you select a role, the Network and Security functions of the selected role, along with the description, are displayed.
  3. Click Create.


The user details are displayed in the Operator Users page.