You can reassign an Edge to another customer before the Edge is activated.

If you choose to reassign an Edge that is already activated, you must deactivate the Edge, and then reassign the Edge to another customer. For instructions about how to deactivate an Edge, refer to Remote Actions. Once you deactivate the Edge, the Edge state changes to Offline. You can now reassign the Edge to another customer.

To reassign an Edge to another customer:


  1. Log in to SD-WAN Orchestrator, and then go to Zero Touch Provisioning > Assigned.
  2. Select the Edge that you want to reassign, and then click Actions > Reassign.... The Edge Inventory Assignment modal popup appears.
  3. From the Customer drop-down list, select the customer to whom you want to reassign the Edge.
  4. From the Profile and Edge License drop-down lists, select the required profile and license that you want to assign to the Edge.
  5. Click OK.


Though the Edge is reassigned to the new customer, a corresponding entry would still be available in the Configure > Edges page of the customer to whom the Edge was originally assigned. Select the logical Edge entry, and then click Actions > Delete Edge to manually delete the entry.