Composite roles are a group of functional roles combined from different functional categories.

By default, the following composite roles are available:

Composite Role Network Functional Role Security Functional Role
MSP Standard Admin Network MSP Admin Security MSP Admin
MSP Security Admin Network MSP Read Only Security MSP Admin
MSP Network Admin Network MSP Admin Security MSP Read Only
MSP Superuser Orchestrator MSP Superuser Security MSP Superuser
MSP Business Network MSP Business
MSP Support Network MSP Support

You can assign the above roles to a user, while creating a new Partner user. See Create New Partner Admin.

You can also map the composite role while configuring Single Sign on. See Configure Single Sign On for Partner User.

To view the existing composite roles along with the description for your Enterprises, see Manage Composite Roles.

To create a custom composite role for your Enterprises, see Create New Composite Roles.

You can also customize the role privileges of the functional roles. For more information, see Role Customization.