What's New in Version 4.4.0

Feature Description
Composite Roles Provides default composite roles, which are combination of different functional roles grouped from different functional categories. You can also create new custom composite roles. See Roles.
Enhancements to Role Customization Enables to customize the new functional roles available with different set of role privileges. See Role Customization.
Assign composite roles to Partner user Allows to create a new Partner user with the composite roles. See Create New Partner Admin.
Map Composite Roles to Single Sign On Authentication Enables to map the composite roles to a Partner User while configuring Single Sign On, using the Role Map option. See Configure Single Sign On for Partner User.
Service Configuration Allows to create and configure customers with different set of services that the customer can access. The roles and permissions that are available for the selected service are assigned to the customer. See Manage Customers.

For a complete list of new and updated sections to the documentation for Administrators, see VMware SD-WAN Administration Guide.

Previous VMware SD-WAN Versions

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