Multi-Source QOS intelligently assigns the bandwidth to remote sources such as Gateways, Hubs, and other Edges based on the local availability and traffic priority.

To enable Multi-Source QOS for a Profile:


  1. Log in to VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, and then go to Configure > Profiles.
  2. Either click the Device icon next to the Profile for which you want to enable Multi-Source QOS or click the Profile link, and then go to the Device tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Multi-Source QOS area, and then turn on the Multi-Source QOS toggle button.
  4. Click Save Changes.


The Multi-Source QOS setting is enabled for the Profile.

To override this setting at the Edge-Level, go to Configure > Edges > Device, and then scroll down to the Multi-Source QOS area. Select the Enable Edge Override check box, and then either turn off or turn on the Multi-Source QOS toggle button depending on your requirement.