As an enterprise super user, after you have provisioned the edges, you can change or update the software image assigned to the edges using Assign Software Image under the Actions drop-down menu in the Edges screen.

To update a software image for an edge, perform the following steps.


  1. In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Edges.
  2. In the Edges screen, select an edge or multiple edges for which you want to update the software image.
  3. Click Actions and from the drop-down menu, select Assign Software Image.
    The Assign Software Image screen appears.
  4. From the Software drop-down menu, select a software image to update the selected edges and click Update.
    A warning message alerting the user about service disruption appears.
  5. Click OK to continue.
    Note: If no software image is set for an edge, the edge will inherit the software image assigned to the customer.