If an Administrator changes device configuration that cause the Edge to disconnect from the Orchestrator, the Administrator will get an Edge Down alert. Once the Edge detects that it cannot reach the SD-WAN Orchestrator, it will rollback to the last known configuration and generate an event on the Orchestrator titled, “bad configuration.”

The rollback time, which is the time necessary to detect a bad configuration and apply the previous known “good” configuration for a standalone Edge, is between 5-6 minutes. For HA Edges, the rollback time is between 10-12 minutes.

Note: This feature rolls back only Edge-level device settings. If the configuration is pushed from the Profile that causes multiple Edges to go offline from the Orchestrator, the Edges will log “Bad Configuration” events and roll back to the last known good configuration individually. IMPORTANT: The Administrator is responsible for fixing the Profile accordingly. the Profile configuration will not roll back automatically.