What's New in Version 5.0.0

Feature Description
Edge Health Stats Health Stats are now stored, as time series data in ClickHouse. For more information see:
Enhancements to IPv6 configuration

Enables to configure IPv6 for the following settings and services:

Enhancements to New Orchestrator UI

Enables to configure the following using the new Orchestrator UI:

Enhancements to Syslog Message Format for Firewall Logs New log is added for ICMP packets which are denied by Edge firewall. The log contains the dropped packet's ICMP Type in addition to other fields. See Syslog Message Format for Firewall Logs.
Enhancements to Webhook Payload Edge serial number, name, and description are added newly to Webhook JSON payload template. SD-WAN Orchestrator delivers alert notifications to each Webhook recipient, through a JSON payload contained within the body of an outgoing HTTP POST request. See Configure Alerts.
Global Setting Role Separation Administration & Global settings and role privileges are separated out from SD-WAN and organized as a separate section in the SD-WAN Orchestrator. See:
MD5 Authentication on BGP for Gateways Enables to configure BGP MD5 Authentication for Gateways. See Configure BGP over IPsec from Gateways.
Platform Firmware Updates Support for updating the Platform Firmware image is available for 6X0 Edge devices. For more information see: View or Modify Edge Information.
Secure Edge Access Using Key-Based Authentication Allows to enable key-based authentication, add SSH keys, and access Edges in a more secure way. See Access SD-WAN Edges Using Key-Based Authentication.
Support for the DSCP value Per User Defined Overlay Allows support for a DSCP tag to a specific overlay link. For more information see, Configure Edge WAN Overlay Settings with New Orchestrator UI.
Support for New Template "Symantec / Palo Alto Cloud Security Service"

Previously, Palo Alto CSS were configured using the "Generic Cloud Security Service" template. From this release, you can configure the Palo Alto CSS on the Orchestrator under the new template "Symantec / Palo Alto Cloud Security Service". See Configure a Cloud Security Service.

Support for Selecting LTE Firmware for Worldwide Telcos Allows to select new LTE Service Provider Networks - SPN Vodafone and Telstra. See Configure Interface Settings and Performing Remote Diagnostics Tests.
Support Multi-Tenant GRE Tunnels from SD-WAN Gateway to Zscaler Cloud Allows the customer to subscribe to the VMware SD-WAN and Zscaler Multi-Tenant GRE integrated service, which enables to forward all the traffic from the customer branches to the SD-WAN Gateway using the pre-established GRE tunnel to reach Zscaler network. See VMware SD-WAN and Zscaler MT-GRE Tunnel Automation.
Secure Syslog Forwarding Support The 5.0 release supports secure syslog forwarding capability. This enables the SD-WAN Orchestrator to control the syslog forwarding and conduct default security checking (hierarchical PKI verification, CRL validation, etc.). The SD-WAN Orchestrator also enables revocation information input that can be fetched manually or via an external process.

For more information see, Configure Syslog Settings for Profiles.

Previous VMware SD-WAN Versions

To get product documentation for previous VMware SD-WAN versions, contact your VMware SD-WAN representative.