ICMP handlers may be needed to enable integration with an external router that is performing dynamic routing functionality and needs stateful information about route reachability through VMware. The Device Settings area provides sections for specifying ICMP Probes and Responders.

ICMP Probes can be specified settings for Name, VLAN Tagging (none, 802.1q, 802.1ad, QinQ (0x8100), or QinQ (0x9100)), C-Tags, S-Tags, Source/Destination/Next Hop IPs, Frequency to send ping requests, and Threshold the value for number of missed pings that will cause route to be marked unreachable.

ICMP Responders can be specified settings for Name, IP Address, and Mode ( Conditional or Always).

  • Always: Edge always responds to ICMP Probes.
  • Conditional: Edge only responds to ICMP Probes when the SD-WAN Overlay is up.