When you want to redirect multiple traffic segments to the security VNF, define mapping between Segments and service VLANs.

To map the segments with the service VLANs:


  1. In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Segments.
  2. In the Segments page, enter the Service VLAN ID for each segment.
  3. Click Save Changes.


The segment in which the VNF is inserted is assigned with a unique VLAN ID. The Firewall policy on the VNF is defined using these VLAN IDs. The traffic from VLANs and interfaces within these segments is tagged with the VLAN ID allocated for the specified segment.

What to do next

Insert the security VNF into a service VLAN or routed interface to redirect the traffic from the VLAN or the routed interface to the VNF. See Configure VLAN with VNF Insertion.