You can configure Firewall rules at the Profile and Edge levels to allow, drop, reject, or skip inbound and outbound traffic.

To configure a firewall rule at the profile level using the New Orchestrator UI, perform the following steps.


  1. In the Enterprise portal, click the Open New Orchestrator UI option available at the top of the window.
  2. Click Launch New Orchestrator UI in the pop-up window.
    The UI opens in a new tab displaying the monitoring and configuring options.
  3. Click Configure > Profiles. The Profiles page displays the existing Profiles.
  4. To configure a Profile, click the link to the Profile or click the View link in the Device column of the Profile. The configuration options are displayed in the Device tab.
  5. Click the Firewall tab.
    From the Profiles page, you can navigate to the Firewall page directly by clicking the View link in the Firewall column of the Profile.
  6. Go to the Configure Firewall section and under Firewall Rules area, click + NEW RULE. The Configure Rule dialog box appears.
  7. Enter the Rule Name and choose the IP Version.
    In the Match tab, you can configure the Source and Destination IP addresses according to the selected IP version, as follows:
    • Mixed – Allows to configure both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in the matching criteria. If you choose this mode, you cannot configure Source or Destination IP address.
    • IPv4 – Allows to configure only IPv4 addresses as Source and Destination.
    • IPv6 – Allows to configure only IPv6 addresses as Source and Destination.
  8. In the Action tab, configure the actions to be performed when the traffic matches the defined criteria.
  9. In the Comment tab, enter comment description for the rule. After configuring the required settings, click SAVE.
    For more information on the match and action parameters, see Configure Firewall Rules.