VMware SD-WAN and Zscaler MT-GRE Tunnel Integration and Automation feature enables the support for sending traffic from multiple tenants over the same GRE tunnel. As the GRE tunnels support a higher bandwidth capacity of up to 1 Gbps per tunnel, the aggregated traffic from multiple branches will be forwarded to the VMware SD-WAN Gateway without overrunning the bandwidth limit per tunnel.

In addition to exchanging the tenant information, the feature allows the Operator user to pre-establish multi-tenant GRE tunnels between SD-WAN Gateways and Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) pops in each of the Zscaler Clouds. A customer, without having to build or monitor tunnels of their own, can subscribe to the VMware SD-WAN and Zscaler Multi-Tenant GRE integrated service, which enables to forward all the traffic from the customer branches to the SD-WAN Gateway using the pre-established GRE tunnel to reach Zscaler network.

The following diagram illustrates the integration between VMware SD-WAN and Zscaler using Multi-Tenant GRE.