To sign-up for Zero Touch Provisioning:


As an Enterprise Super User, ensure that you have a valid Subscription Identifier (SID) that was received on booking Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) orders. If you do not have a valid SID, contact VMware Customer Support. Outbound internet connectivity via DHCP is required to complete the push activation successfully.


  1. Log in to SD-WAN Orchestrator, and then go to Administration > System Settings > General Information.
  2. Scroll down to the Zero Touch Provisioning Sign Up area, and then in the SID field, enter the Subscription Identifier.
  3. Click Submit.


You can view the Edge inventory in the Pending Assignment tab only after the successful validation of SID. The validation process may take up to a maximum of 1 week. To view the Edge inventory, go to Administration > Zero Touch Provisioning > Pending Assignment.

Note: Only the Edges that were shipped to you after the successful completion of the sign-up process appear in the Pending Assignment tab. Ensure that the SID assigned to you is used in all your future orders so that the inventory is reflected correctly.

What to do next

You must assign a profile and a license to the Edges. For instructions, refer to Assign Profile and License to Edges.