Use the cached configuration on Gateways to check the data received from the Orchestrator.

The configuration is cached in the following file: /opt/vc/bin/

Use the script /opt/vc/bin/ to read the cached configuration and to verify the data received from the Orchestrator.

vcadmin@vcg1-example:~$ /opt/vc/bin/ managementPlane
 "schemaVersion": "1.7.0", 
 "version": "0", 
 "data": {
  "heartBeatSeconds": 30, 
  "managementPlaneProxy": {
   "primary": "", 
   "secondary": null
  "timeSliceSeconds": 300, 
  "vcoAddress": "", 
  "statsUploadSeconds": 300
 "module": "managementPlane"

An exception to the above is Control Plane configuration. As the Control Plane module contains sensitive information such as pre-shared keys for the Non SD-WAN Destination tunnels, it is never cached locally. Hence, if the Gateway restarts while not connected to the Orchestrator, the components and processes that require a Control Plane blob like Non SD-WAN Destinations, VLAN/VRF handoff, and BGP routing do not work until the Orchestrator connectivity is restored.

As an exception, when the Gateway loses connection to SD-WAN Orchestrator and does not reboot all the Control Plane modules will function normally.