The VMware SD-WAN processes described in the Components should be running in order to ensure proper functionality of the system. The Linux command "pgrep" can be used to identify the process. The format is slightly different for Python processes. If the process is running, a pid (integer process ID) is returned. If it is not running, the output is empty.


Use the following command to check if vc_procmon is running on the system.

vcadmin@vcg1-example:~$ pgrep -f vc_procmon

Other Processes

Use the following commands to check for other processes.

vcadmin@vcg1-example:~$ pgrep mgd
vcadmin@vcg1-example:~$ pgrep gwd
vcadmin@vcg1-example:~$ pgrep natd

To recover the processes, restart the VMware SD-WAN Process Monitor, which restarts all other processes. Use the following command to restart VMware SD-WAN Process Monitor.

sudo service vc_process_monitor restart

Use the following command to restart some of the daemons.

/usr/sbin/frr.init {start|stop|restart} [daemon ...]