To upgrade Orchestrator to release 5.0.0 to support dual stack, perform the following:

  • Upgrade Orchestrator to release 5.0.0.
  • Add IPv6 address in Orchestrator Shell. The following example shows a sample configuration:
    vcadmin@vco:~$ cat /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml 
       addresses: [, 'fd00:aaaa:0:1::2/64']
       - {metric: 1, to:, via:}
       - {metric: 1, to: '0::0/0', via: 'fd00:aaaa:0:1::1'}
     renderer: networkd
     version: 2
  • In the Orchestrator portal, navigate to Operator Profiles and select a Profile.
  • In the Operator Profiles page, in the Management Settings section, enter the IPv6 address configured in Orchestrator Shell.

  • Click Save Changes.