As an Operator user, you can configure and display a Security Administrator-specified advisory notice and consent warning message regarding the use of SD-WAN Orchestrator for Operators, Partners, and Enterprises.

To configure the consent warning message:


  1. In the Operator portal, go to System Properties.
  2. Search and locate the login.warning.banner.message system property.
  3. Select the system property, and then click Actions > Modify System Property. The Modify System Property … page appears.
  4. Ensure that the Data Type field is set to JSON.
  5. In the Value text area, the default value is as follows:
        "msg": ""

    In the "msg" variable, type the required warning message between "".

  6. Ensure that the Value is Password and Value is Read-only fields are set to No.
  7. Click Update.


The warning message is displayed in the SD-WAN Orchestrator prior to user login for Operator, Partner, and Enterprise.