An Operator can manage Edge Licenses and assign them to customers.

  • In the Operator portal, click Manage Customers.
  • Click the link to a customer name to navigate to the Enterprise portal.
  • In the Enterprise portal, click Administration > Edge Licensing.
  • Click Manage Edge License.
  • In the Select Edge Licenses window, choose the relevant licenses based on the Bandwidth, Term, Edition, Region and move them to the Selected Edge Licenses pane.

    Note: Apart from the existing licenses, VMware offers a trial version of license with the Edition as POC. If you select a POC license, you cannot choose the other licenses.
  • Click OK.

The selected licenses are displayed in the Edge Licensing window.

If you have selected the POC license, you can click Upgrade Edge License to upgrade the license to the next level. Choose Standard, Enterprise or Premium Edition from the list.

Note: You cannot downgrade a License type to the previous Edition.

Click Report to generate a report of the licenses and the associated VMware SD-WAN Edges in a CSV format.

When you create an SD-WAN Edge, you can choose and assign an Edge License from the drop-down list.

To assign a license to an existing SD-WAN Edge:

  • In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Edges.
  • To assign license to each SD-WAN Edge, click the link to the SD-WAN Edge and select the License in the Edge Overview page. You can also select the SD-WAN Edge and click Actions > Assign Edge License to assign the License.
  • To assign a license to multiple SD-WAN Edges, select the appropriate SD-WAN Edges, click Actions > Assign Edge License, and select the License.