When you choose to decommission a Gateway, you must change the Gateway to Quiesced state so that no new tunnels or NSDs can be configured on the Gateway. Ensure that you have Operator Super User role to quiesce Gateways.

You can enable self-service migration on the Gateway using the new Orchestrator UI only.

To quiesce the Gateway and enable self-service migration:


Before you quiesce the existing Gateway, ensure that you create a new Gateway as a replacement. Assign the new Gateway with the same role and attach it to the same Gateway pool as the existing Gateway. For instructions, see the “Configure Gateways” section in the VMware SD-WAN Operator Guide available at VMware SD-WAN Documentation. Also, review the SD-WAN Gateway Migration - Limitations before you proceed with quiescing the Gateway.


  1. In the Operator portal, click the Open New Orchestrator UI option available at the top of the Window.
  2. Click Launch New Orchestrator UI in the pop-up window. The UI opens in a new tab.
  3. Go to Gateway Management. The Gateways page lists the available Gateways.
  4. Click the link of the Gateway that you want to quiesce. The details of the Gateway appears in the Overview tab.
  5. From the Service State drop-down list, select Quiesced.
  6. Select the Enable Self-Service Migration check box.
  7. From the New Gateway drop-down list, select the Gateway that you have created as a replacement to the Gateway that you are quiescing.
  8. In the Migration Deadline date picker, select a date by when you want the Partners or direct customers to complete the migration. Ensure that the date is within 60 days from the current date.
  9. Click Save Changes.


In the Gateways page, you can see that the Service State of the Gateway has changed to Quiesced.

What to do next

Send decommission notification to Partners and direct customers who are impacted. The notification email provides the migration deadline and detailed instructions on how to migrate the Edges and NSDs from the quiesced Gateway to the new Gateway.

A notification icon is displayed for customers and Partners who have one or more Gateways that are in Quiesced service state. Also, a notification icon is displayed for Edges that are connected to a quiesced Gateway.
Note: Decommission notification email is sent only to direct customers and not to Partners’ customers.