Composite roles are a group of functional roles combined from different functional categories.

By default, the following composite roles are available:

Composite Role SD-WAN Functional Role Cloud Web Security Functional Role Secure Access Functional Role Global Settings Functional Role
Operator Standard Admin SD-WAN Operator Admin Cloud Web Security Operator Admin Secure Access Operator Admin Global Settings Operator Admin
Operator Superuser Full Access Full Access Full Access Full Access
Operator Business SD-WAN Operator Business Global Settings Operator Business
Operator Support SD-WAN Operator Support Cloud Web Security Operator Read Only Secure Access Operator Read Only Global Settings Operator Support

You can assign the above roles to a user, while creating a new Operator user. See Create New Operator User.

To view the existing composite roles along with the descriptionfor your Enterprises, see Manage Composite Roles.

To create a custom composite rolefor your Enterprises, see Create New Composite Roles.

You can also customize the role privileges of the functional roles. For more information, see Role Customization.