The Operator Users page displays the existing Operator users. An Operator Super User can create new Operator users with different role privileges and configure API tokens for each Operator user.

In the Operator portal, click Operator Users, and you can configure the following.

Click Actions to perform the following activities:

  • New Operator - Creates new Operator users. See Create New Operator User.
  • Stage to Bastion - Stages an Operator user to the Bastion Orchestrator.
  • Unstage from Bastion - Removes an Operator user from the Production Orchestrator.
    Note: Stage to Bastion and Unstage from Bastion options are available only when the Bastion Orchestrator feature is enabled using the session.options.enableBastionOrchestrator system property.

    For more information, see Bastion Orchestrator Configuration Guide available at

  • Modify Operator: Modifies the properties of the selected Operator user. You can also click the link to the username to modify the properties. See Configure Operator Users.
  • Password Reset: Sends an Email to the selected user with a link to reset the password.
  • Delete Operator: Deletes the selected users.