Describes how to log in to SD-WAN Orchestrator using Single Sign On (SSO) as a Partner user.



  1. In a web browser, launch an SD-WAN Orchestrator application as Enterprise or Partner user.
    You can also launch the SD-WAN Orchestrator application as Partner user in the new Orchestrator UI, by adding /ui at the end of the URL of SD-WAN Orchestrator.
  2. Click Sign In With Your Identity Provider.
  3. In the Enter your Organization Domain text box, enter the domain name used for the SSO configuration and click Sign In.
    For the new Orchestrator UI, the screen appears as follows:
    The IDP configured for SSO will authenticate the user and redirect the user to the configured SD-WAN Orchestrator URL.
    Note: Once the users log in to the SD-WAN Orchestrator using SSO, they will not be allowed to login again as native users.