To assign Edges to customers:


Ensure that you have signed-up for Zero Touch Provisioning so that you can view the list of Edges in the Edge Inventory page. For instructions, refer to Sign-Up for Zero Touch Provisioning.


  1. Log in to SD-WAN Orchestrator, and then go to Zero Touch Provisioning > Pending Assignment. A list of Edge inventory with Serial number and Model appears.
  2. Select all the Edges that you want to assign to customers, and then click Actions > Assign To Customer…. The Edge Inventory Assignment modal popup appears.
  3. From the Customer drop-down list, select the customer to whom you want to assign the Edges.
  4. From the Profile and Edge License drop-down lists, select the required profile and license that you want to assign to all Edges in the inventory.
    You can choose to override these settings for a specific Edge by selecting the appropriate profile and license in the table.
  5. Click OK.


The Edges for which you have assigned a customer, a profile and a license appears in the Assigned tab. The Inventory State for the assigned Edges will be Assigned to Customer and the Edge State will be Pending.

What to do next

When your customer powers-on the assigned physical Edges and connects them to the internet, the Edges are redirected to the SD-WAN Orchestrator where they are automatically activated. After an Edge is activated, the Edge State in the Assigned tab changes from Pending to Activated.