This section provides details about how to enable key-based authentication, add SSH keys, and access Edges in a more secure way.

The Secure Shell (SSH) key-based authentication is a secure and robust authentication method to access VMware SD-WAN Edges. It provides a strong, encrypted verification and communication process between users and Edges. The use of SSH keys bypasses the need to manually enter login credentials and automates the secure access to Edges.
Note: Users with Operator Business or Business Specialist account roles cannot access Edges using key-based authentication.
Perform the following tasks to access Edges using key-based authentication:
  1. Configure privileges for a user to access Edges in a secure manner. You can choose Basic or Privileged access level for the user. You can configure the access level when you create a new user and choose to modify it at a later point in time. Ensure that you have Super User role to modify the access level for a user. See the following topics:
  2. Generate a new pair of SSH keys or import an existing SSH key. See Add SSH Key.
  3. Enable key-based authentication to access Edges. See Enable Secure Edge Access for an Enterprise.