Zero Touch Provisioning allows you to activate Edges by powering on the Edges and connecting them to the Internet.

This method eliminates the need of an activation link. Using this feature, the Service Provider can preconfigure the Edges and have them shipped to the customers. The customers just need to power-on the Edges and connect the cables to the internet to activate the Edges.

This method of Edge activation is also useful when the person at the remote site is unable to connect a laptop/tablet/ phone to the SD-WAN Edge, and therefore cannot use an email or cannot click an activation code/URL.

  • Zero Touch Provisioning supports Edge models: 510, 510 LTE, 6x0, and 3xx0.
  • For Zero Touch Provisioning push activation to work, use the Orchestrator software version 4.3.0 or later.

As an Enterprise user, complete the following tasks to activate Edges using Zero Touch Provisioning: