All the edges inherit the Business Policy rules from the associated Profile. Under the Business Policy tab of the Edge Configuration dialog, you can view all the inherited Business Policy rules in the Rule From Profile area. Overriding Profile Business Policy rules at the Edge is an optional step.

At the Edge level, Business Policy Rules from the assigned Profile can be overridden using the Edge Business Policy dialog shown below. Any Business Policy override match value that is the same as any Profile Business Policy rule, will override that Profile rule. You can create override rules in the same way as you create Profile rules (see Configure Business Policy for Profiles).

As shown in the image below, Business Policy is Segment aware. All Segments available for configuration are listed in the Configure Segment drop-down menu.

When you choose a Segment to configure from the Configure Segment drop down, the settings and options associated with that Segment display in the Configure Segments area. Global Segment [Regular] is the default Segment.

For more information about Segmentation, see Configure Segments and Configure Edge Device.