In the Operator portal, you can create partners and configure the settings, so that the partners can manage a group of customers on their own.

Only Operator Superusers, Standard Operators, and Business Specialist Operators can create a new partner.

Note: As an Operator Super User, you can temporarily deactivate creating new partners by setting the system property session.options.disableCreateEnterpriseProxy to True. You can use this option when SD-WAN Orchestrator exceeds the usage capacity.

In the Operator portal, navigate to Manage Partners.

  1. In the Manage Partners page, click New Partner or click Actions > New Partner.
  2. In the New Partner window, enter the following details as shown in the image below. See the tables below for a description of the options in the New Partner dialog.

    Option Description
    Name Enter the partner name
    Domain Enter the domain name of the partner
    VeloCloud Support Access This option is selected by default and grants access to the VMware Support to view, configure, and troubleshoot the settings of the partner.
    Grant Gateway Management Access Select the check box to allow the partner to create and manage the Gateways.
    Street Address, City, State, Country, ZIP/Postcode Enter relevant address details in the respective fields.
    Table 1. Initial Partners Admin Account for New Partner Dialog
    Option Description
    Username Enter the username in the format.
    Password Enter a password for the partner.
    Note: Starting from the 4.5 release, the use of the special character "<" in the password is no longer supported. In cases where users have already used "<" in their passwords in previous releases, they must remove it to save any changes on the page.
    Confirm Re-enter the password.
    First Name, Last Name, Phone, Mobile Phone Enter the details like name and phone number in the appropriate fields.
    Contact Email Enter the Email address. The alerts on service status are sent to this Email address.

Default Properties for New Partner Dialog

By default, the following properties are assigned to the customers managed by the partner. If required, the partner can modify the settings for each customer.

Table 2.
Option Description
Gateway Pool

Click Add to select the SD-WAN Gateway Pool from the available list. After adding the SD-WAN Gateway Pools, you can click Modify to add or remove the pools.

For more information on SD-WAN Gateway Pools, see Manage Gateway Pools and Gateways.

Software/Firmware Image
Click Add to select the Software/Firmware Image from the available list. After adding the Software/Firmware Image, you can click Modify to add or remove the Images. For more information on Software/Firmware Images, see Software Images.
Note: With the 5.1.0 release, Operators can upload, modify, or delete the following Platform and Modem firmware and factory images in the new Orchestrator UI:
  • Firmware Platform images for 6X0 Edge device models and 3X00 Edge device models (3400/3800/3810)
  • Firmware Modem images for 510-LTE (Edge 510LTE-AE, Edge 510LTE-AP) and 610-LTE (Edge 610LTE-AM, Edge 61LTE-RW)
  • Factory images for all physical SD-WAN Edge devices
Edge Licensing Click Add to select the SD-WAN Edge licenses from the available list. After adding the licenses, you can click Modify to add or remove the licenses. This option is available only when the value of System Property session.options.enableEdgeLicensing is set to True.
Note: The license types can be used on multiple VMware SD-WAN Edges. It is recommended to provide the partners with access to all types of licenses to match their edition and region. For more information, see Edge Licensing.

Click Create.

The new partner name is displayed in the Manage Partners page. You can click the partner name to navigate to the Partner portal and add more configurations to the partner. See Configure Partner Information.