Ensure that you have Super User role to delete the SSH keys for other users.

To revoke your SSH key:
  1. In the Enterprise portal, click the User icon that appears at the top-right side of the window. The User Information panel appears.
  2. Click Revoke SSH Key.
To revoke the SSH keys of other Partner users:
  1. In the Partner portal, go to Partner Settings > Authentication.
  2. In the SSH Keys area, select the SSH usernames for which you want to delete the SSH keys.
  3. Click Actions > Revoke SSH Key....
The SSH keys for a user are automatically deleted when:
  • you change the user role to Operator Business or Business Specialist because these roles cannot access Edges using key-based authentication.
  • you delete a user from the Orchestrator.
    Note: When a user is deleted or deactivated from the external SSO providers, the user can no longer access the Orchestrator. But the user's Secure Edge Access keys remain active until the user is explicitly deleted from the Orchestrator as well. Therefore, you must first delete the user from the IdP, before deleting from the Orchestrator.