What is the Purpose of This Test

Run this test to confirm if the Overlay routes and Underlay routes (Dynamic/Static/ Connected) are redistributed to the Edge with correct route metric.

When Can You Run This Test

Run this test in the following scenarios:
  • There is an issue in route redistribution.
  • LAN is not able to communicate with specific subnets over overlay VPN.
  • OSPF is configured.
  • LAN router is not able to see the routes in its routing table that is received from overlay.

For instructions, see Run Remote Diagnostic Tests on Edges.

What to Check in the Test Output

Run the List OSPF Redistributed Routes test on the required Edge. Following is an example of the test output:
Verify the following in the output:
  • The route must be present in redistributed OSPF table.
  • Lowest cost is preferred if it has multiple routes. If same route with cost 0 and 1 is learnt, then cost preferred is 0.
  • Verify the route metric. The following is the order of route type preference:
    • External routes type 1, O E1
    • External routes type 2, O E2