VMware SD-WAN allows you to generate Enterprise reports for the analysis of your network.

You can generate reports including all the data or configure them to include customized data. You can also create a recurring schedule to generate the reports during specified time period.

Note: By default, the SASE Orchestrator stores 50 reports at a time for an Enterprise. An Operator can modify the number of reports using the system property, vco.reporting.maxReportsPerEnterprise.

A report has 60 days of age out period after which it will be deleted automatically. When a customer exceeds the maximum report value (i.e., default is 50), the oldest report will be deleted first.

To access the Enterprise reports:

In the SD-WAN service of the Enterprise portal, click Monitor > Reports.

In the Reports page, you can create a new quick report (a consolidated Enterprise report with default selection of the data for all Edges over the last month), customize the report, and schedule report generation for a recurring period.

For more information, see Create a New Enterprise Report.