Diagnostic bundles allow Operator users to collect all the configuration files and log files into a consolidated Zipped file. The data available in the diagnostic bundles can be used for debugging purposes.

To generate and download Diagnostic Bundles:

  1. In the SD-WAN service of the Enterprise portal, click the Diagnostics tab.
  2. Click Diagnostic Bundles to request the following bundles:
    • Request PCAP Bundle – The Packet Capture bundle is a collection of the packet data of the network. Operators, Standard Admins and Customer Support can request PCAP bundles. For more information, see Request Packet Capture Bundle.
    • Request Diagnostic Bundle – The Diagnostic bundle is a collection of all the configuration and logs from a specific Edge. Only Operators can request Diagnostic bundles. For more information, see Request Diagnostic Bundle.
    Note: The Request Diagnostic Bundle option is available only for an Operator user. If you are a Partner user or an Enterprise user, you can request for a PCAP Bundle.

The generated bundles are displayed in the Diagnostic Bundles window.

To download the details of generated bundles, click More > Download CSV. The details are downloaded in a CSV file.