You can deploy and activate SD-WAN Edges using the following two methods:

  • Edge Auto-activation (formerly known as Zero Touch Provisioning) — In this method, you must power-on the Edges and connect them to the internet. This causes the Edges to automatically start working as configured. For more information, refer to Activate SD-WAN Edges using Edge Auto-activation.
  • Email — In this method, the Edges are shipped to the Customer site with a factory-default configuration. Prior to activation, the Edges contain no configuration or credentials to connect to the Enterprise network. The administrator initiates an email with instructions to activate the Edges to the person who will install the Edges at the site. The individual to whom the email is sent follows the instructions to activate the Edges. For more information, refer to Activate SD-WAN Edges Using Email.

Following table shows a comparison of activities that are allowed in each of the activation methods:

 Activity Edge Auto-activation (Central NOC Activates) Email (Office Admin Activates)
No IT Visit Required checkmark checkmark
No Pre-staging Required checkmark checkmark
No Security Risk if Box Is Lost checkmark checkmark
No Site-by-site Link Profile Needed checkmark checkmark
No Device Tracking Needed   checkmark
Requires Email to Office Admin   checkmark
Requires Knowledge of Device to Site checkmark