You can monitor the status and network usage data of SD-WAN Gateways available in the Operator portal.

To monitor the SD-WAN Gateways:


  1. In the Operator portal, Click Gateway Management > Gateways.
  2. The Gateways page displays the list of available Gateways.

  3. Click Map Distribution to expand and view the locations of the Gateways in the Map. By default, this view is collapsed.
  4. You can also click the arrows prior to each SD-WAN Gateways name to view more details.

    The page displays the following details:

    • Name – Name of the SD-WAN Gateways.
    • Status – Current status of the SD-WAN Gateways. The status may be one of the following: Connected, Degraded, Never Activated, Not in Use, Offline, Out of Service, or Quiesced.
    • CPU – Percentage of CPU utilization by the SD-WAN Gateways.
    • Memory – Percentage of memory utilization by the SD-WAN Gateways.
    • Edges – Number of SD-WAN Edges connected to the SD-WAN Gateways.
    • Service State – Service state of the SD-WAN Gateways. The state may be one of the following: Historical, In Service, Out of Service, Pending Service, or Quiesced.
    • IP Address – The IP Address of the SD-WAN Gateways.
    • Location – Location of the SD-WAN Gateways.
  5. In the Search field, enter a term to search for specific details. Click the Filter icon to filter the view by a specific criterion.
  6. Click the CSV option to download a report of the SD-WAN Gateways in the CSV format.
  7. Click the link to a SD-WAN Gateway to view the details of the selected SD-WAN Gateway.

    The Overview tab displays the properties, status, location, customer usage, and SD-WAN Gateway Pool of the selected SD-WAN Gateway.

    Note: In the Overview tab, you can modify the Name and Description of the selected Gateway, and choose a different Service State. To configure the other options, navigate to the Gateways page in the Operator portal.
  8. Click the Monitor tab to view the usage details of the selected SD-WAN Gateways.

    At the top of the page, you can choose a specific time period to view the details of the Gateway for the selected duration.

    The page displays graphical representation of usage details of the following parameters for the period of selected time duration, along with the minimum, maximum, and average values.

    • CPU Percentage – Percentage of usage of CPU.
    • Memory Usage – Percentage of usage of memory.
    • Flow Counts – Count of traffic flow.
    • Over Capacity Drops – Total number of packets dropped due to over capacity since the last sync interval. Occasional drops are expected, usually caused by a large burst of traffic. However, a consistent increase in drops usually indicates a Gateway capacity issue.
    • Tunnel Count – Count of tunnel sessions for both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

    Hover the mouse on the graphs to view more details.