When creating a new SD-WAN customer (Enterprise or Partner), VMware SASE Orchestrator allows Operator Super Users and Operator Standard Admins to activate the Analytics functionality for the customer. Analytics helps to collect data from different vantage points for each application flow, which includes wireless controller, LAN switch, network services, VMware SD-WAN Edge, VMware SD-WAN Hub, VMware SD-WAN Gateway, and application performance metrics.

To activate Analytics for a new customer, see Create New Customer.


Ensure that the following system properties are properly set in the SASE Orchestrator:
  • session.options.enableEdgeAnalytics
  • service.analytics.apiURL
  • service.analytics.apiToken
  • service.analytics.configEndpoint
  • service.analytics.analyticsEndpointStatic
  • service.analytics.analyticsEndpointDynamic

For more information, see Activate VMware Edge Network Intelligence on a VMware SASE Orchestrator.


The new customer's name is displayed in the Customers screen. You can click on the customer name to navigate to the Enterprise portal and add or modify Analytics configurations for the customer. For more information, see the topic Provision a New Edge with Analytics in the VMware SD-WAN Administration Guide..