The Manage Partners option allows you to create new Partners, who can independently manage a group of Customers.


  1. Log into the VMware SASE Orchestrator as an Operator user. In the SD-WAN service of the Operator portal, click Manage Partners.
  2. You can perform the following actions:
    Option Description
    Search Enter a search term to search for the matching text across the table. Use the advanced search option to narrow down the search results.
    New Partner Click this option to add a new Partner. For more information, see Create New Partner.
    Edit This option takes you to the Partner Overview page in the Partner portal, where you can edit the Partner Capabilities, Available Software Images, and Gateway Pool of the selected Partner. For more information, see Configure Partner.
    Delete Deletes the selected Partners. Enter the number of selected Partners in the pop-up window, and then click Delete.
    Note: Ensure that you have removed all the Customers associated to the selected Partner, before deleting the Partner.
    Add Operator Profile Assigns an Operator profile to the selected Partners, which specifies the network settings managed by SASE Orchestrator. In the Add Profiles to Selected Partners pop-up window, select a profile and click the arrow to add it. Click Save. For more information, see

    Manage Operator Profiles

    More Click this option, and then click Download to download the list of Partners' profiles in a CSV format.
  3. Following are the other options available in the Manage Partners area:
    Option Description
    Columns Click this option and select the check boxes to view the required columns.
    Refresh Click this option to refresh the page.