After adding the SSH key, you must switch the authentication mode from Password-based, which is the default mode to Key-based to access Edges using the SSH username and SSH key. The SSH username is automatically created when you create a new user.

To enable secure Edge access:


  1. In the SD-WAN service of the Enterprise portal, go to Service Settings > Edge Management.
  2. Select the Enable Secure Edge Access check box to allow the user to access Edges using Key-based authentication. Once you have activated Secure Edge Access, you cannot deactivate it.
    Note: Only Operator users can enable secure Edge access for an Enterprise.
  3. Click Switch to Key-Based Authentication and confirm your selection.
    Note: Ensure that you have Super User role to switch the authentication mode.

What to do next

Use the SSH keys to securely login to the Edge’s CLI and run the required commands. See Secure Edge CLI Commands.