You can clone the configurations from an existing Partner customer and create a new Partner customer with the cloned settings.

Only Partner Super Users and Partner Standard Admins can clone a Partner customer.

By default, the following configurations are cloned from the selected customer:
  • Enterprise configuration profiles
  • Enterprise network services and objects like:
    • DNS services
    • Private network names
    • Network Segments
  • Edge authentication scheme
  • Address groups and Port groups
You cannot clone an enterprise if it consists of the following:
  • Profile with Edge references like hubs, clusters, and so on
  • Profile containing Partner Gateway References
  • Cloud Security Service enabled
  • Non SD-WAN Destinations
  • VNF or VNF licenses
  • Authentication services
  • NetFlow objects like collectors or filters

Login to the SASE Orchestrator as a Partner and navigate to Manage Customers.

  1. In the Manage Customers page, select the customer you want to clone, and then click Clone.

    The Clone Customer page appears.

  2. Configure the Customer Information and Administrative Account details, and Services. For more information, see Create New Partner Customer.
  3. Click Add Customer.

    The new customer name is displayed in the Manage Customers page. The customer is already configured with the cloned settings. You can click the customer name to navigate to the Enterprise portal and add or modify the configurations.