What is the Purpose of This Test

This test displays the BGP neighbors associated with the device.

When Can You Run This Test

Run this test to understand if the BGP neighbor is up or not with neighbor details. For instructions, see Run Remote Diagnostic Tests on Edges.

What to Check in the Test Output

Run the Show BGP Summary test on the required Edge. Following is an example of the test output:
Verify the following in the output:
  • Neighbor: Provides IP of peer which we used to peer in configuration
  • V: Indicates the version of BGP running in device.
  • AS: Provides the remote peer AS path
  • MsgRcd: Number of packets BGP has received from its peer
  • Msg Sent: Number of packets BGP has sent to its peer
  • TblVer: Provides the detail of current BGP table version changes if any
  • Inq: Number of packets in queue to be received from its peer
  • outq: Number of packets in out queue to be sent to its peer
  • State/Pfx rcd:
    State Description
    Idle BGP resources are initialized by the router. BGP inbound connection attempts are refused. BGP initiates a TCP connection to the peer.
    Connect BGP waits for the 3WHS to complete. If successful, the OPEN message is sent to the peer and BGP moves to the OpenSent state. If unsuccessful, BGP continues to the Active state. However, if the ConnectRetry expires, BGP remains in this state, with the timer being reset and a new 3WHS being initiated.
    Active The ConnectRetry timer is reset, and BGP returns to the Connect state.
    OpenSent BGP waits for an OPEN message from its peer. Once received, BGP moves to the OpenConfirm state.
    OpenConfirm BGP waits for a keepalive message from its peer. If the message is received before the timeout expires, BGP moves to the Established state. Otherwise, BGP transitions to Idle.
    Established Both peers exchange UPDATE messages. If there is an error within any of the UPDATE messages, the BGP peer sends a NOTIFICATION message and enters the Idle state.
    Note: Any other state with a number represents the number of subnets received by the BGP from its peer.