What is the Purpose of This Test

Run this test to list the IPv4 prefixes accepted by the Edge from the BGP peer before applying the BGP neighbor inbound filters configured in the Orchestrator.

When Can You Run This Test

Run this test to check and confirm that all the prefixes are received by the Edge from a BGP neighbor. For instructions, see Run Remote Diagnostic Tests on Edges.

What to Check in the Test Output

Run the Show BGP Neighbor Received Routes test on the required Edge. Following is an example of the test output:
Verify the following in the output:
  • The output must display the total number of prefixes received by the Edge.
  • The output must list the number of BGP prefixes filtered by the inbound filters.
  • The Edge must list all the received prefixes.
  • If a BGP prefix is not present in the table, check the BGP neighborship status and the list of BGP prefixes advertised by the BGP neighbor device to the Edge.