Analytics Interface specifies the interface and interface IP that an Edge uses for SNMP polling, receiving AMON, traps, and so on. Once you have provisioned an Analytics Edge, you can override the default Analytics interface on the Global segment for the Edge to ingest data such as SNMP, AMON, traps, and syslog by selecting the Analytics checkbox under Analytics Interface in the Device Setting page of the Edge.

To configure an Analytics interface on an SD-WAN Edge, perform the following steps:


  1. From the SD-WAN Orchestrator, go to Configure > Edges.
    The Edges page appears.
  2. Select an Edge for which you want to configure an Analytics interface and click the icon under the Device column.
    The Device Setting page for the selected Edge appears.
  3. From the Configure Segment drop-down menu, select Global segment to configure an Analytics interface.
    Note: Currently, source interface and Analytics flag are only supported for the Global segment. Settings for non-global segments are ignored even if set.
  4. Go to the Analytics section and turn on the toggle button if you want to override the default Analytics management interface on the Global segment for the Edge.
  5. From the Analytics Management Interface drop-down menu, select an Analytics interface for the Edge to ingest data.
    The Edge automatically selects an interface with 'Advertise' field set as the Analytics interface, if the Analytics button is not turned ON or the Analytics button is ON and the Analytics Interface is set to None.
  6. Click Save Changes.

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