Describes how to add a branch-to-branch route in a Public Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network pointing to an Edge as illustrated in Single-Arm Topology.


  • Ensure you have a Google account and access/login information to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console.
  • Ensure you have created VPC networks.


  1. Log on to the GCP Console.
  2. Click VPC Networks.
    The VPC Networks page appears.
  3. Click on the VPC network (Public VPC network) for which you want to add a branch-to-branch route.
    The VPC network details page appears.
  4. Go to the Routes tab and click Add route. The Create a route page appears.
    1. In the Name textbox, enter a unique name for the route entry.
    2. In the Destination IP range textbox, specify the IP address of a branch in the enterprise network, for example
    3. In the Priority textbox, specify a priority for the route. A priority is only used to determine routing order if routes have equivalent destinations.
    4. From the Next hop drop-down menu, select Specify IP address.
    5. In the Next hop IP address textbox, enter the IP address of the edge interface in the selected VPC network.
    6. Click Create.


A route entry is added in the route table of the selected VPC network.