After configuring the IPsec tunnels in both VMware SD-WAN and Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway, it takes a few minutes for the IPsec tunnels to get set up and established. You can check the status of the established IPsec tunnels in both the products.

To check the status of the IPsec tunnels in Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway:

  1. In the Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway, navigate to Device Management > Edge Devices and Services .
  2. Click the Edge Device configured for the integration.

  3. If the IPsec tunnels are set up correctly, both the Tunnels will show up a green icon and display details of the connections. Note that each tunnel will display green if at least one of the redundant connections from VMware SD-WAN is active.

To view the status of the IPsec tunnels in the SD-WAN Orchestrator, refer to the following: