Netskope Next Generation Secure Web Gateway

  • Active Netskope tenant
  • Administrator login credentials
  • Ability to configure varying policies in the SWG service

VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator

  • Enterprise account access to VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator
  • Administrator login credentials

VMware and Netskope have tested the following scenarios:

  • IKEv2 based NSD Tunnel from Gateway - Netskope POP for Single tenant.
  • IKEv2 based NSD Tunnels from Gateway - Multiple tunnels for Multiple Tenants using the same Source (VMware SD-WAN Gateway IP address) and Destination (Netskope POP based on Strongswan 5.71) using FQDN.
  • Pass traffic from multiple tenants using the above IPSEC tunnels and apply different Netskope Policies to each Tenant. Bring up the Tunnels in a redundant fashion both from VMware and Netskope POP perspective and test failover scenarios.
  • IKEv2 based NSD Tunnel from Edge to Netskope POP.